Having spent almost a decade in recruiting, we have seen the recruiting industry move more and more towards highly-technical interviews shifting the focus away from a cultural fit. While we believe technical skills are important to career advancement, we also believe that a persons' EQ is equally important in leading to happiness and success in a job.

At EQ Recruiting we take the time to personally vet each candidate and get to know them on an emotional and professional level.  We specialize in engineering and sales roles, but have contacts outside of those spaces as well. We believe relationships are everything, and whether you're an organization needing strategic guidance or a person who simply needs job search advice, we are here to help! 


Culture Is Product—We firmly believe that to achieve success you have to invest back in your people. We also love to have fun! Weekly Taco Tuesday lunches, Friday patio beers, listening to ALLL the Ringer Network Podcasts (Here's lookin' at you Bachelor Party Pod!), and daily coffee runs are just some of the things we like to do! 

Live Empathetically—Our EQ team has an insatiable curiosity to know what makes other people tick. Whether it's in our social lives or work lives, we are always trying to listen to others, understand motivations, offer advice, and create fundamental change! 

Change is Welcome—We believe that change is essential for growth and are always trying to tweak and streamline our processes. There's nothing more we love than ideas, and encourage every employee to come to the table with new ones! 

Drink Good Coffee—There's nothing better than a coffee buzz, am I right?  At EQ we can't get enough coffee and are active members of the Rapha Cycling Club unlimited coffee program around the corner. (They have good coffee, just trust on us this one!)