Our Mission

Having spent a decade in recruiting, we have seen the technical recruiting industry move more and more towards highly-technical interviews and less and less in the way of caring if candidates are a cultural fit. While we believe technical skills are important to career advancement, we also believe that a person's' EQ is just as equally important in leading to happiness and success in a job.

At EQ Recruiting we take the time to personally vet each candidate and get to know them on a deeply emotional and professional level. We believe relationships are everything and, whether you're an organization needing strategic help or someone needing guidance in your job search, we are here to help!  


Our Values

As a company we try to always live by our core company values:

1) Culture is a Product

2) Live Empathetically

3) Change is Welcome

If you would like to learn more about how we can partner, drop us a line! info@eqrecruiters.com 415-250-1408